Roomba Will Not Charge: What To Do

Roomba will not charge – Many consumers claim that Roomba does not connect or charge at all.  Despite the fact that they have done everything possible, from cleaning the internal contacts for the battery to contacting the company’s customer service, there is still no solution to this problem.

If your Roomba will not charge, several things can cause this problem.  This may be due to clogged wheels or improper battery placement.  This can also be caused by a combination of dirty charging contacts, clogging of the wheel and a battery that is incorrectly placed.

What Happens When Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes Off?

This is one of the biggest reasons why you should always study the behavior of LED network devices and smart appliances, and so on.  You will always need to know what the LED indicates. The Roomba charging dock indicator goes out, this is not a problem.

Disabling or turning off the green indicator light means that the Roomba is fully charged.  So you can take it off the charging station or leave Roomba there, it really doesn’t matter.

Why Does My Roomba Stop Charging After A Few Minutes?

The problem mostly arises when the batteries are about to discharge. To keep your roomba running for a long period of time, you should always buy quality batteries and patiently charge the roomba for two hours.  It takes so long to charge properly.

First of all, make sure that dirt or dust does not stick to the charging ports of the roomba.  Clean it up, hopefully it will work.  If it does not comply with the following instructions. Perform a hard reset, and even if it doesn’t work, you should know that you changed the roomba batteries to an iRobot Roomba.

Causes of Roomba Not Charging

The battery is old and needs replacement

The original battery of any electronic device has a lifespan, and the lithium-ion battery in your Roomba is no different.  This may be a discharged battery or a faulty battery.  If you perform a couple of hundred cycles of cleaning from full to empty on your robot vacuum cleaner Roomba, your battery will have much less charge than when it was brand new.

The lithium-ion elements inside it wear out with age and use.  Before considering battery replacement options and spending extra, try to address these other potential causes.

Electrical contacts are dirty

Because it cleans a lot, the electrical contacts that connect the Roomba to the Home Base can be dirty.  This will prevent the Roomba from charging properly.  Roomba’s charging contacts are vulnerable to dust and debris that Roomba collects during its vacuuming adventures around the house.  Dust on the contacts leads to less efficient charging or does not occur at all.

Faulty charger plug

If the charger plug is defective, electricity from your outlet (outlet or other) will not be able to pass through the charger.  Therefore, power is not transferred to the home base to charge your Roomba.  In these cases, even Home Base will not work, so diagnosing this problem is quite easy and easy to identify.

Try another outlet with a separate circuit to check if the outlet is causing the Roomba not to charge.  If the Roomba does not start charging from another outlet, make sure the cords on the docking station are tight and the cord is not broken.

Defective Home Base

A faulty home base may mean that Roomba will not be able to determine where the base is after cleaning.  The docking station may also not transmit electricity to Roomba, but there is a solution to charge anyway. Charging can still be done with the charger plug, connecting it directly to the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner.

If the battery indicator on the Roomba flashes, it means that it is charging and you know that this is a potential problem with the Home Base or a problem with the charging contact. This method is not recommended, as Home Base and Roomba must work together as one.  You can use this method to check and verify that this is a Home Base problem.

If there is a problem with the dock, you need to replace the dock.  If you are still under warranty, contact iRobot and they will be able to send you a replacement dock in a week. Does Roomba Need Light? All You Need To Know

Caster Wheel Debris

Check the wheels for debris, as this may prevent Roomba from fully connecting the charging contacts to the Home Base.  If there is debris, remove the wheel and clean it.  Also clean the charging contacts as you are already cleaning.  Many users like to use a magic eraser or other melamine foam.

What To Do When Roomba Will Not Charge

Clean the electrical contact points

Roomba really keeps your home clean, but it needs love and attention.  Therefore, it is best to clean Roomba every other day to avoid many problems that may occur, which will reduce service life.  For example, electrical contacts are known to form an oxide layer or accumulate dirt and dust on the charging port. Also, you don’t need a professional to thoroughly clean your Roomba.

All you need are a few simple cleaning products that you can find at Walmart or any mom and dad store.  Take a soft, dry cloth and 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean the contact area.  Wiping with a microfiber cloth or wet melamine foam is also a great alternative for cleaning charging contacts.  If cleaning does not solve the charging problem, it is time to troubleshoot.

Reset The Roomba

Often the problem may be with the software rather than the hardware.  Therefore, due to an error, you can see that Roomba does not indicate that it is charging.  In fact, it may be, but you don’t know it!  So, we will perform a soft reset as our first step.  The process restarts Roomba, but it does not return to the factory default settings.  Here are the steps to reset Roomba:

  • Press and hold the clean and dock buttons on the device
  • Release the buttons when you hear a beep
  • Reconnect the Roomba and it should boot and display the charge indicator.

In addition, the Roomba 700 and 800 series have a special reset button.  You can hold it for 10 seconds to gently reset it.

Use another power outlet

Before researching deep cleaning and other technical troubleshooting techniques, it is best to make sure that our wiring and outlets are working. When you plug the Home Base into an electrical outlet, the power light should blink.  If you do not see the light, it is likely that the GFCI socket has worked.  Try connecting to another outlet, and make sure you make tight connections when connecting.

Clean the caster wheel

The caster wheel is a wheel designed to keep the Roomba at the proper height and provide enough space under the device to sweep away dirt and dust.  It collects dust every time your Roomba cleans.  As debris accumulates, the wheel moves away from the body, causing it to rise higher.

If the wheel is raised, the Roomba contact points will not reach the Home Base contact points.  As a result, the device will not be able to charge itself.  So, clean / lower the Roomba wheel to see if the problem is resolved.

Clean the docking station

Sometimes Roomba may not charge if it is not getting enough power.  One of the main reasons is the accumulation of dirt on the charging contacts.  It breaks the connection between the ports and the socket.  Therefore, it is best to periodically clean the dock from debris.  He can offer a quick solution to your problem.  Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Turn Roomba over and remove it from the wheel
  • Make sure there is no debris on the wheel
  • Use alcohol and a soft cloth to clean the charging contacts

Replace the battery

During transport or for other reasons, the battery may move or weaken from its position.  Before you decide to replace the battery or get a warranty, make sure it is in the right place. You can access the battery compartment by unscrewing the five screws on the rear panel and securing the battery in place.  Then immediately tighten the screws and connect the Roomba.

Reset Roomba to factory settings

If you have tried all of the above methods, but your Roomba still does not charge, you should reset the Roomba to factory settings.  This is nothing more than a software problem when the logic of charging electronics becomes difficult.  Different models will have different ways to do this, and Wi-Fi models will be able to do this directly from the app.

Roomba Will Not Charge FAQs

How Do I Know If My Roomba Is Charging?

You can use the indicator to determine if your Roomba is charging properly.  After the cleaning session, Roomba returns to his home base to recharge.  If you notice a green light on the Home Base power button for about 4 seconds, it is charging.  In addition, you will see that the battery charge indicator is also pulsing.

How Do I Know If I Need To Replace My Roomba Battery?

You should replace the Roomba battery as soon as it starts to discharge too quickly.  If the battery indicator is not lit or the device itself is not charging, it means that the Roomba battery needs to be replaced immediately.

Should The Green Light Be On When The Roomba Is Charging?

The green indicator light does not light up all the time while charging.  As soon as Roomba returns to its home base for recharging, the Home Base indicator will flash green for about 4 seconds. The device’s battery indicator will also start pulsing.  This saves your Roomba energy during charging.


Roomba Will Not Charge. Be patient when charging a new battery.  The new lithium-ion battery will not work until you wake it up.  To do this, use the base station to set the station on a flat surface;  connect the station and make sure the indicator is lit.  Place Roomba on the base station and wait a few seconds for the battery to wake up.  When this happens, the indicator on the base station will go out and the battery indicator on the Roomba will start flashing.  It will also go out in a minute.

If your Roomba does not charge, you can try to solve the problem.  First, make sure the charging dock is clean and free of debris.  If the dock is dirty, Roomba may not be able to establish a proper connection and charge properly.  Next, check the charger cable.  If there is a problem with the wires, you may need to replace them.  If none of these solutions work, you may need to replace the battery.  You can buy a new battery from iRobot or a third-party reseller.  If you are still having problems, contact iRobot Customer Support for further assistance.

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