Will A Carpet Cleaner Kill Fleas? All You Need To Know

Will a carpet cleaner kill fleas? Steam cleaning is primarily used to remove adult fleas, dead fleas, flea dust and dander. It’s important to bring in a professional to steam clean your carpets, as at-home steam cleaners are unlikely to reach the high temperatures needed to kill adult fleas.

Will A Carpet Cleaner Kill Fleas?

Professional carpet cleaning is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to eradicate a flea infestation. Professional carpet cleaners use equipment and techniques that can completely remove a flea colony and help to destroy the flea life cycle.

While carpet cleaning to kill fleas is effective for adults, the juvenile fleas and flea eggs are less likely to be impacted by carpet cleaning. In most cases, fully eradicating fleas in your home will require help from an exterminator.

How To Know Your Pets May Have Been Infested With Fleas

If your pets are itching or licking themselves excessively, they may be infested with fleas. Have a look through their coat and see if you can find any little insects. If your pet has fleas and lives indoors, you can almost guarantee that these little pests will have set up home in your carpet and furniture.

Even if your pets live outdoors, fleas may still be living in your carpet if they have been transported in through humans, clothing, or bedding. If you have allergies, check out the Best Carpet Cleaner For Allergies

How Do Fleas Come?

When fleas show up in our homes, it seems like they just keep coming and coming in these endless waves. Once there’s a couple, there are hundreds. Before you know it, they’re everywhere. Adult fleas only make up 5% of the total flea population. The rest? Larvae, cocoons, and eggs. Nasty little eggs. The ratio for eggs to fleas is 10-1. This means for every single flea, there are 10 eggs somewhere nearby!

How Do Fleas Spread In Our Homes?

Female fleas can lay anywhere from 200-400 eggs in just a matter of days! A pet will carry the eggs everywhere it goes, sprinkling them like seeds all over your home. Even when they go outside, they will spread flea eggs in the space around your home, allowing the life cycle to continue.

Once these eggs are dropped, they stick around in every crack and crevice of the home, but they stay especially stuck in carpets. The eggs and the hatched larvae can stay nice and warm and safe in the comforts of our carpet fibers.

Just when you think you’ve done every cleaning remedy possible, they keep coming back. That’s because when the fleas latch on to the carpets, it’s really hard to get down deep and get those things out of there.

What Is The Best Carpet Cleaner For Fleas?

Dirtbusters pet carpet cleaner 5 litre professional carpet and upholstery extraction shampoo solution cleaner.  It has a formula designed specifically to treat carpets, rugs and upholstery for your pets, dogs and cat odours and soiling with its low-foaming high-odour eliminating treatment that permanently neutralizes persistent scents and continues to work for a long time!

What Do I Handle Flea Infestation?

Before you can take care of any fleas within your home, you should take your pets’ health into consideration first. There are a variety of products and treatments that will eliminate fleas from pets; however, not all of them are going to help your pet. Discuss the issue with your vet and ask for suggestions before you choose the right solution.

If you’re certain that your pet’s flea-free, it is now time to clean up your entire home. Vacuum and wash everything you can, including your carpets, your curtains, and upholstery. The warmth from your dryer can kill any fleas on bedding, clothes, and curtains when you clean, and so will the heating and cleaning solution of a professional carpet cleaner. Vacuuming your carpets can assist in getting rid of fleas and eggs.

The initial round of taking care of pets and clean up of your home will fix the majority of your issues; however, you’ll need to do it again within one week. The eggs you didn’t find the first time will hatch in a few days. They can also lie inactive for as long as an entire year, so you must be looking for indications of an infestation at the very least. Be sure to check out the Best Carpet Cleaner And Extractor

How To Get Rid Of Fleas At Home

Treat your pet

If you’re asking yourself, “Does washing a pet with soap and water actually kill flea eggs?” the short answer is yes! After finding a suitable host, adult fleas will mate and start laying eggs in a pet’s fur and their surroundings. This can lead to diseases not just for the animal, but for yourself as well. After you put the pet bedding and its toys in the washing machine, you must then give your pet a bath.

Using hot water and soap will indeed kill adult fleas and most of their eggs. We recommend repeating the process after a week, and even more often if needed. If you have reasons to believe that your pet requires further treatment, please consult your local vet.

Use professional carpet cleaners

Steam cleaning your carpet is of the most important steps needed to deal with a flea infestation. As carpets are the main place of residence for these creatures, they require the utmost care as well. Hot water extraction cleaning removes fleas in your carpet, as well as all other types of microorganisms. It’s also the cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

Essentially, hot water, under very high pressure is sprayed directly into the carpet and then extracted immediately. And with the help of commercial detergents, the carpet is left completely disinfected.

The method is also suitable for upholstery, mattress and curtain cleaning. In essence, anything which you cannot put into the mashing machine should be deep steam cleaned. And while you’re waiting for the professionals to come, we advise hoovering. Just make sure to remove the waste bag, as fleas and their eggs will still be alive in it.

Use a flea bomb

A flea bomb is another way of dealing with fleas in your home. It’s essentially your last DIY option before calling in a proper pest control company. Flea bombs are able to kill fleas in all stages of their lives. To be able to use them, however, you must prep the house and be ready to vacate it.

In terms of preparations, you have to turn off all lights and electrical appliances, as pesticides are highly flammable. All drawers and shelves should be emptied out and left open. Dishes and utensils must be wrapped in stretch foil thoroughly. Pet beds, clothes, duvets and so on must also be removed or wrapped in foil.

After you come home, make sure to ventilate for a few hours until the smell disappears. Additionally, any newly hatched adult fleas will be killed due to the bomb’s residual effect. The hard surfaces should be wiped and disinfected, and any exposed clothes and bedding washed. After 48 hours, the carpet must be hoovered, and in two weeks – deep cleaned.

Will A Carpet Cleaner Kill Fleas FAQs

Will A Carpet Cleaner Kill Pests?

The answer is yes, but only for adult or dead pests and their droppings. Professional carpet cleaning should be an essential part of removing fleas and other pests from your home. Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning helps to lift adult fleas, bugs, and some of their eggs from carpet and upholstery fibers and removes dead pests and their droppings. This helps to make your carpet look, smell, and feel better as well as making the carpet and soft furnishings more hygienic.

Where Is The Most Likely Area To Find Mold And Mildew In The House?

Mold and mildew are very common problems in most households. The bathroom is the most likely area to find mold because the heated water from your shower goes through vaporization. Combined with the increased temperatures in the room, there is high humidity, which leads to the growth of mold.

What Brings Mold And Mildew?

Your personal hygiene products and shower gels also contribute to mold because of the organic residue they leave in the air. Mold leaves ugly stains on your walls, ceiling, and wooden furniture which in the short or long-term can cause some health problems. Steam carpet cleaning, combined with a specialized cleaning product, is one of the most effective ways of eliminating the bacteria and fungus that form the actual mold.


Will A Carpet Cleaner Kill Fleas? Generally, steam cleaning gets out more debris than the normal vacuuming method. It gets dirt even around chairs, carpets, and everywhere other cleaning methods are not able to reach. Another reason why steam cleaning is an efficient method of killing fleas is that the insects cannot survive the high temperature used in this method of cleaning.

This way, the larvae and some of the adults that the machine wasn’t able to get at, are killed off by heat. The vapour from the steam cleaner is capable of exterminating every flea in your home. What is more, it is way cheaper than using chemicals which don’t get every flea in one visit.

Flea can’t stand any temperature above 95 degrees. So, with the steam cleaning method, you have both the steam and the heat to exterminate the insect with. The high degree of heat used will cause the flea pupae to abandon their cocoons thereby exposing themselves to the vapour oozing from the machine. This method allows you to treat multiple surfaces so that within a month of thorough steam cleaning, your home will be flea free.

For an excellent result, you have to maintain the steam temperature between 120 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, you are able to exterminate all the fleas even in the sections you attended to later. Steam cleaners remove fleas fast and are environment friendly since they don’t make use of chemicals. This means you can rid your home of fleas without paying extra for it.

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